To boldly go...

A great television show from past days had as its tag line, “To boldly go where no one has gone before.” Stewardship is much more than just making sure the lights and heat or air are on. Those are certainly important, but stewardship is also laying a foundation for those who come after us by opening doors to the dreams we have and to the dreams that will come to our successors.

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For your convenience, St. Paul’s enables its members and friends to make both recurring gifts/pledge payments and one-time gifts safely and securely electronically. To do so, simply click this link and you will be directed to the secure payment site
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St. Paul’s Family,
The Stewardship Committee would like to thank the Congregation for a successful year of giving to the Church. We would like to thank each and every one of you who has successfully and steadily completed their pledge, and those who are getting their pledges finalized for the year. We should be pleased that we have accomplished so much and that so many are firm stewards of our Church.
However, I don’t think that it would be fair for me to say that all our work is done and that if we keep up this pace that we have a secure budget for the future. I think it is quite the opposite. With rising interest rates and prices, our budget must match the expected costs for the year, and what should honestly be said is that if we keep up the same pace as last year, our budget will fall behind. Therefore, the Stewardship Committee asks each and every one of you to consider increasing your pledge this year to affirm this commitment to God and to the Church. By increasing our budget, not only will the Church be able to meet its growing financial needs, it will also be able to take on needed and new projects as well. Furthermore, without a firm commitment from this Congregation from which to project an estimated annual budget, it will be harder for the Church to plan and prioritize its spending.
However, this isn’t cause to lament. It is our duty as stewards to carefully plan and manage our resources and to give generously, and we should take heart and satisfaction in knowing that we will be able to meet these duties during such these troubled times. We are a family at St. Paul’s, and the gifts we give to it today are the gifts it gives to others tomorrow. If we can accomplish this goal, which I know we can, it will be a testament to each and every member’s love and commitment to this Church. It is my hope that when we see how far we have come over the next year, we will know that we rose to occasion together and helped guide this Church through a time when it needed us the most.
Ross Sanzone
Stewardship Committee Chair

Planned Giving and St. Paul’s Legacy Society

Responding to God’s Grace
A legacy gift to St. Paul’s is created when you make a gift to the church in your estate plan. A gift of any size is significant. St. Paul’s legacy gifts are placed in the church endowment. Most gifts are for the unrestricted portion of the endowment giving consideration to the greatest need at any given time. Some funds, however, are given for specific ministries of the church, such as outreach, music, or building and grounds. Our endowment protects the church from adverse circumstances and helps to ensure the continuation of key programs and outreach.


Gifts of Legacy
Each of us has a legacy. Each of us creates a legacy. Our legacies are the gifts we have inherited from generations past—the values we teach children, the care we show for those less fortunate, the nurture we have for our environment, the peace and love we share with neighbors next door and around the world. They are the offerings we leave for the future of this church, this city, and this world.

St. Paul’s Legacy Society and Planned Giving