St. Paul’s is a place of faith and fellowship, which values diversity in every way. We love to gather as people of faith to do God’s work in the world, and to develop and deepen our community relationships.

Coffee Hours and Receptions: (Every Sunday morning following the 10:00 service.)

This is a wonderful time to meet and greet members and newcomers, members of the clergy, staff and vestry. We are not currently holding Coffee Hour due to COVID. We hope to resume soon!

Annual Parish Picnic

St. Paul’s begins the program year, usually in September, with a picnic for members and visitors. Weather permitting, we like to hold the picnic in our courtyard, and all of our downtown neighbors who happen to walk by are welcome to fill a plate and have a seat with us. Being downtown gives us the opportunity to live with our neighbors in faith, and in proximity.

“Family Fellowship”

St. Paul’s offers a number of events through the year for the larger parish family, i.e. everyone! 


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Constant Contact


Additional opportunities for Fellowship are scheduled on an ad hoc basis. Watchout home page for updates. Also, sign-up for our online Constant Contact {link to CC form} and keep up-to-date on all our gatherings. Past events have included Movie Night, Date Nights for our young families who allow us to care for their children and while they enjoy a night out, Pub Nights when beers brewed by our members are tasted along with carefully paired meals, many youth events throughout the year, dinner clubs, Lenten Dinners and Programs.