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Welcome To St. Paul’s

We extend you a warm and unconditional invitation to worship with us. We come from all walks of life and welcome anyone who walks through our doors. When you visit us, you will be our respected guest. We will not single you out in an embarrassing way; you may worship God in solitude or engage us with conversation or questions.
Whoever your are, wherever you come from, whatever joys or burdens you carry, you are welcome at St. Paul’s.

More About Us

The 81st General Convention of the Episcopal Church

June 23-28, 2024

The General Convention is the governing body of The Episcopal Church.
Every three years it meets as a bicameral legislature
that includes the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops,
composed of deputies and bishops from each diocese.
Worship Services will also be livestreamed on the GC Media Hub.
Service bulletins for each service can be found here


Summer @ St. Paul's

St. Paul’s @ Point of Honor

Sunday, July 14 @ 7:00 p.m.

We’ve changed the 12th Night Date
from July 7 at (hot hot hot) 2:00 to July 14 at 7:00. 
Doors (and concessions) open at 6:30. 
BYO—chair and snacks. Drinks available at on-site concessions. 
We are getting the standard tickets–$20
and will aim to group ourselves upon arrival. 
There will be a drawing on July 7th for tickets!!!




Organ Project Update

as of 06-14-25

remaining to be raised


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