For 200 years, St. Paul’s has been at the forefront of including innovative liturgical music to the worship and praise of God. Thousands of parishioners and guests have benefitted from the bold move to include organ music in worship services. We today are recipients of those who, with vision and faith, went before us to provide an enhanced music experience. 
During our Bicentennial year it seems appropriate to celebrate the milestone of entering our third century with the gift of a new organ that will be enjoyed for many years by those who come after us.
St. Paul’s is thrilled to partner with Parsons Organ Builders of Canandaigua, New York to install, as a part of the parish’s Bicentennial, a new organ for the church.  Please join us in our effort to “Pay it Forward.”
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Payment Schedule: Payments are due by June 30 of each year (2022, 2023, 2024) Pledges may be paid off at any time! Gifts may be made in cash, check, credit card, stock... (contact us for details).