Formation of St. Paul’s Mission Statement

On March 8, 2014, St. Paul’s newly elected vestry spent a morning and afternoon discussing St. Paul’s mission and vision. We agreed the conversation needed to be honest about who we are and what we do. It is all too easy for churches to think of who they want to be, with little regard for who they are at heart and soul. To begin to think in these terms, we considered what is it about St. Paul’s that draws each and all of us here. What do we do well, and often enough that those events and programs are the essential reason we are all committed members of this parish? Who are we as a community of faith that makes us unique in this small portion of God’s kingdom?

Newly re-elected Senior Warden Chris Olson then led the vestry in a Mission statement discussion. He asked each vestry member to write a letter dated March 8, 2019 to Bishop Mark about what is going on at St. Paul’s.

Discussion of Mission statement

The vestry agreed that the mission statement should be a game plan to move forward for the next five years, should speak to our goals and should support those efforts.  The mission statement is the framework for our goals and an outgrowth of the mission of St. Paul’s life and passion. 

The vestry agreed that key pieces needed to be included in the mission statement:

-membership participation

-spiritual formation


-financial stability

-membership growth

Each member was then asked to create a mission statement of their own, incorporating the above areas. The group discussed the various statements and combined several statements to continue to develop one statement.

Three statements were agreed on for further thought:

  1. St. Paul’s will be a supportive, spiritual community that fosters Christian development, outreach, stewardship and active      participation of its members.
  2. To be a growing, welcoming church which engages its community along with its congregation in spiritual development and      stewardship of all forms.
  3. To be a growing, financially stable church body united in outreach into the community and emphasizing spiritual      development among its members, resulting in consistent participation and support of church activities.


For several weeks following the adjournment of this vestry work day, vestry members exchanged numerous emails and phone calls as the statement continued to take shape, form and grow in relevance to St. Paul’s life and ministries. When the work was complete, the statement that most accurately described St. Paul’s, and which is our mission statement to this day is:

To Know Christ,

to Worship Christ,

To Serve Christ,

to Make Him Known