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A Stewardship Testimonial by Ed Koepenick   “I am St. Paul’s:  A Testimonial”

In 1971 after becoming born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday  at St James Episcopal Church in Potomac Maryland, my life changed radically. St James was a Charismatic Episcopal Church and a really exciting place to be. About 6 months after my experience with the Lord, the pastor gave a talk on the book of Malachi and the importance of tithing and giving offerings. Since I had been raised Catholic, the idea of giving ten percent of my income was a radical idea. We were taught to support the Church but 10% was unheard of.  At the time, I had my own real estate company in Rockville Maryland and was making a good living but, at the end of the year, my expenses always exceeded my income. I thought the idea of tithing was crazy and thought that I would just end up deeper in debt.

Malachi 3:10 is the only place in the Bible that I know of where God asks us to “put Him to the test” by giving tithes and offerings. Well, I took a leap of faith and began tithing and, believe it or not, at the end of the year, for the first time, I had money left over after paying all my bills! From that time on, I have given tithes and offerings and the Lord has continued to bless my finances.

St Paul’s is a wonderful Church to support because they are committed to teaching the word, helping the poor and needy and sharing the good news of Jesus with our city. I encourage you to take a leap of faith like I did and watch God bless your finances.


A Stewardship Testimonial by Leila Lou Baldwin  “I am St. Paul’s:  A Testimonial”

Giving Sacrificially AND with a Happy Heart!

I am happy that Ed addressed “tithing” as a standard for giving in his testimonial last week. I want to address two other standards that guide me in the annual, prayerful decision about pledging time and talent to my church.

First, I believe that anyone who attends a church regularly should contribute financially to support the church’s operation and programs and contribute time/talent in some meaningful capacity.  Christianity is not a private religion but is meant to be practiced and celebrated in community. Contributing treasure, time and talent is simply a basic precept of participating in the life and community of one’s church.  It is far more difficult, and highly personal, to determine how much to give financially and how much to give of one’s time/talent.

Secondly, I believe in giving “sacrificially” to my church.  Steve and I learned years ago how much we could save by foregoing the club, household and yard help, professionally laundered shirts, and vacations at the beach, and yet even with these economies, the past several years have been tough on us as they have been for many others.  Despite the financial demands of children in college, we have always given to our church, and given as generously as we possibly could with a full heart.  

I really believe the “full heart” is an important component. Our financial contribution cannot put our very life, our bills and obligations at risk.  The same goes for time/talent–we have to find the areas where we can contribute meaningfully but not be “burned out” or stressed as this ends up being counter-productive.

Pray. Listen. Discern.  And then pledge to give an amount of your time and treasure that is both sacrificial–more, for example, that you would spend on your own fun or entertainment in a month—AND an amount of treasure and time that will enable you to give with a full and happy heart!  


A Stewardship Testimonial by Loretta Robinson   “I am St. Paul’s:  A Testimonial”

 This fall marks 19 years that Louie and I have been members of St. Paul’s.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.  We both have served on the Vestry and Louie continues to serve with the ushers.  I was a member of the Altar Guild for a number of years and also with great joy remember the many times I worked with others in the kitchen during the Lenten season and for other special occasions.

Add to this the religious experience and that pretty much makes St. Paul’s the best place to be on Sunday mornings.  However, St. Paul’s offers so much more.  When I read “Get Connected”, I was overwhelmed with not only what our church offers in terms of ways to serve, but the many outreach missions that we support.

In order to keep the church active for its members and participate in the community, we must continue to maintain our financial support.  In our private lives we direct money towards the necessary things that sustain us as a family.  Keeping our financial support of St. Paul’s is also a necessity.

Please keep this in mind when you receive pledge forms from the Stewardship Committee.  A little goes a long way — a little more even further.



Click here to see more about St Paul’s Legacy Society:    

St Paul’s Legacy Society and Planned Giving

     Responding to God’s Grace

A legacy gift to St. Paul’s is created when you make a gift to the church in your estate plan. A gift of any size is significant. St. Paul’s legacy gifts are placed in the church endowment. Most gifts are for the unrestricted portion of the endowment giving consideration to the greatest need at any given time. Some funds, however, are given for specific ministries of the church, such as outreach, music, or building and grounds. Our endowment protects the church from adverse circumstances and helps to ensure the continuation of key programs and outreach.

     Gifts of Legacy

Each of us has a legacy. Each of us creates a legacy. Our legacies are the gifts we have inherited from generations past—the values we teach children, the care we show for those less fortunate, the nurture we have for our environment, the peace and love we share with neighbors next door and around the world. They are the offerings we leave for the future of this church, this city, and this world.

     St. Paul’s Legacy

St. Paul’s history is rich in legacy. Founded in 1822, it is the oldest Episcopal Church in Lynchburg. In the 1800s church members looked to the needs of the community and initiated educational programs for the underprivileged. Later, they garnered resources and provided medical aid for the needy at the local hospital. The church itself reached out to help establish new congregations and schools in the city. Today that legacy continues as members of our church, through their gifts of money and time, ensure the continuation of St. Paul’s support of local organizations such as The Jubilee Family Development Center, the Boys and Girls Club, Meals-on-Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, and   L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains. The children of the parish are engaged in exciting educational programs thanks to donations from earlier benefactors. The church music program enhances our life together because someone believed in its continuance. St. Paul’s church and buildings are maintained by our annual giving and our endowment.

     What will your legacy be?

Consider one of your legacies to be a gift to St. Paul’s. A legacy gift symbolizes a deeply held response to God’s grace. It is often the ultimate gift made over a lifetime of generosity.