St. Paul’s offers the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program for children from age 3 through 5th grade during the months of September through May. The Level 1 atrium, for children 3 yrs. old through Kindergarten was launched in September 2011.  The Level 2 atrium was launched in September 2012 for 1st graders. The Level 3 atrium launched in August 2015 for 4th and 5th graders.

Children meet at 9:30 a.m. in their respective Atria (meaning an open entrance or central court of a house) where they work with materials for their age level until about 11:15 a.m.  At that time, they return to the worship service to participate in Eucharist with their parents.

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     An Overview of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Children, from the earliest age, seek a relationship with God.  When these young children are presented a parable, such as the Good Shepherd, they are able to absorb some of the most basic elements of our Christian faith.  Given simple parables and Bible narratives from scripture; beautiful, but simple materials to manipulate; time and quiet space; and a basic vocabulary, these very young children are able to grasp God’s unconditional love and begin falling in love with Him.  

Inspired by the Montessori principles of education, the Atrium contains specific areas for prayer, liturgy, baptism, and Biblical lessons, as well as child friendly manipulatives that the children use individually in Level 1.   In Level 2, the children build on this foundation and begin to learn the history of the Kingdom of God and basic moral principles. Level 3 introduces to the children Bible history (Creation, the Fall, Abraham, Moses), a history of the Jews, and a more in-depth study of the liturgy in preparation for confirmation. 

The Catechesis is currently being used in many different countries and cultures around the world (on every continent except Antarctica).  Everywhere children are enjoying Catechesis and responding to it. 

     The Atria of St. Paul’s

Housed on the 2nd floor of the Education wing of the church, the atria provide a pleasant atmosphere in which our children can worship and work. Each week with music, prayer, and presentations, our catechists and assistants seek to observe and walk alongside each child as they continue to discover the wonder and awe of our Savior.

     Our Catechists

Certified Levels 1&2:  Mary Jane Oliver Hubbard, Susan Murray and Cindy Mock

Certified Level 3: Mary Jane Oliver Hubbard

We look forward to making this Christian journey with your child.  We welcome your visit to the Atrium to observe our children as they embrace the Good Shepherd with enchanted wonder and profound joy.